1. Quick Installation

Use this guide if you are an expert Python user and aware of Python virtual environment and package management. For a safe and clean installation guide, see the Detailed Installation section.

1.1. Prerequisites

NEORL is tested on python3 (3.6-3.7) with the development headers. Please, avoid using python 3.5 or lower (as dictionary ordering is not preserved), or python 3.8 or newer (as tensorflow-1.14.0 will not be stable).


NEORL supports tensorflow versions from 1.8.0 to 1.14.0, we do not support tensorflow >= 2.0. Please, make sure to uninstall tensorflow if already installed on your environment or have a proper version. If tensorflow is left in the virtual environment, NEORL will automatically force tensorflow-1.14.0 for most stability.

1.1.1. Ubuntu Prerequisites

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install cmake python3-dev

1.1.2. Windows 10 Prerequisites

To install NEORL on Windows, it is recommended to install Anaconda3 on the machine first to have some pre-installed packages, then open “Anaconda Prompt” as an administrator and use the instructions below for Install using pip.


You can access Anaconda3 archives for all OS installers from this page https://repo.anaconda.com/archive/


We typically recommend creating a new virtual environment for NEORL to avoid version conflicts and compatibility issues with other projects.

conda create --name neorl python=3.7
conda activate neorl

1.2. Install using pip

For both Ubuntu and Windows, you can install NEORL via pip

pip install neorl